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Meg Brooker is a dance maker and performer with a history of interdisciplinary collaborations. Equally informed by structure and improvisation, Meg draws on a range of techniques from her dance and theatre trainings to create new work that balances early modern dance movement principles with contemporary perspectives on the body in motion. Meg presents work in a range of contexts, from gardens and museum settings to fully produced concerts, and she frequently collaborates with musicians, visual artists, and dancers interested in crafting a dialogue between early modern principles and contemporary techniques. Meg's creative projects include solo performance, the Duncan Dance Project and Dancestry, and choreography for professional and pre-professional dancers.

Pre-concert interview at Tchaikovsky Museum, Votkinsk, Russia


Meg Brooker's solo peroformance credits include original Duncan choreographies, new works, and improvisation in a range of venues and mediums from dance film to gardens and museums to traditional theatre spaces. As a solo dance artist, Meg frequently collaborates with musicians and visual artists on both choreographed and improvised works. Interdisciplinary artistic collaborators include Misha Penton/Divergence Vocal Theatre, Il Senso en Movimento, Colors in Motion, and sculptor Jennifer Torres.


Meg Brooker choreographs in a range of contexts, from staging work on professional colleagues to creating new works with students in university and college dance programs and other pre-professional settings. As a Professor of Dance and Director of the School of Performing and Visual Arts at The University of Southern Mississippi, she frequently stages work with undergraduate dance students. Her work on university dancers has traveled for adjudication to the American College Dance Association conference and has been selected for performance in both the South and Southeast Regional ACDA Gala Concerts.

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