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Welcome to Tunics in Tennessee

It has been just over a year since I relocated to Tennessee to take a position at Middle Tennessee State University, and it has been a full and incredible year! I'm so blessed to be working with such outstanding faculty and students at MTSU. I'm also very excited to share my early modern dance practices with dancers, students, and audiences in Tennessee. This summer, students from MTSU are traveling to experience the Noyes School of Rhythm in Connecticut and for the Isadora Duncan International Symposium at Joffrey in Chicago. This past year, I brought my Dancestry collaborator Jessica Lindberg to MTSU to stage Loie Fuller's group work La Mer, and we had great turnouts for shows in the James Walker Library and Tucker Theatre. We also brought an original Duncan choreography to the informal showing at American College Dance Association. With support from the MTSU Office of International Affairs, I traveled to Moscow in December for performances, masterclasses, and presentations on Duncan dance as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Heptachor. I also had the opportunity to speak about Isadora Duncan for WMOT's "On the Record." I'm so excited to be sharing with students at MTSU and throughout the region.

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